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Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program


  1. 2024-03-28
    Premier directs agencies to boost stability and resilience of nation's water supply
  2. 2024-02-01
    NT$6 billion earmarked for regional revitalization over next four years
  3. 2024-01-11
    Cabinet approves new measures to foster domestic high-tech talent
  4. 2023-10-05
    New website allows public to search for infrastructure projects
  5. 2023-09-06
    Premier Chen attends SEMICON Taiwan 2023, promotes domestic semiconductor innovation
  6. 2023-08-10
    Infrastructure program advances balanced development for brighter future
  7. 2023-04-27
    Regional revitalization policy to balance development throughout Taiwan
  8. 2023-04-20
    Government to continue deepening public engagement with science
  9. 2023-04-13
    Cabinet approves draft amendments to Personal Data Protection Act
  10. 2023-03-16
    Premier promotes ongoing program to improve rural health care
  11. 2023-03-09
    Premier directs government to step up water conservation measures
  12. 2023-02-23
    Premier promotes pandemic recovery plans to boost public transport and foreign tourism
  13. 2023-02-16
    Government plans subsidies for housing loans, student loans, cultural industries
  14. 2023-02-09
    Premier promotes post-pandemic transformation for industries and SMEs
  15. 2023-01-31
    Incoming Premier Chen Chien-jen vows to build a compassionate and resilient Taiwan
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