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Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program
Digital<br />infrastructure


Date: 2023-03-31

The digital infrastructure component of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program advances the development of soft infrastructure such as network security, digital creative and cultural content, and scientific research facilities. It employs a strategy of developing 5G into an engine for Taiwan's digital transformation and positioning in the global community in order to support the nation's development during the next 10 years. Since 2021, the program has also been investing in infrastructure aimed at strengthening digital resilience.

The program targets 11 areas with a focus on supporting Taiwan's Six Core Strategic Industries, speeding digital transformation, and consolidating Taiwan's digital competitiveness.

11 targeted areas

■ Promote data security infrastructure, provide network security services, and protect the security of both the nation and public.

■ Promote digital inclusion and safeguard the right to broadband connectivity, ensuring that disadvantaged groups have access to basic broadband and cloud resources.

■ Develop the digital cultural creativity industry, make high-definition services widely available, expose people to the wonder of new media and multi-screen convergence services, and turn the digital cultural creativity sector into another trillion-NT-dollar industry.

■ Create open government and provide smart urban and rural services, enabling the public to enjoy smart network-enabled communities.

■ Build a next-generation environment for research and smart learning to provide citizens with an innovative digital learning environment.

■ Strengthen fundamental network infrastructure to transform Taiwan into a key Asia-Pacific hub in the digital space.

■ Guide small and medium-sized businesses toward digital transformation while solidifying the leading edge of Taiwan's advanced industries.

■ Foster forward-looking digital technology professionals and ensure the ability of educational institutions to provide remote instruction and learning.

■ Accelerate the spread of 5G coverage and promote a more self-sufficient national 5G industry.

■ Close the 5G digital gap in remote communities to improve the quality of life for residents.

■ Promote digital public and social services, and encourage the development of innovative cross-discipline applications.

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