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Structure and Functions


The Executive Yuan is the executive branch of the ROC government, headed by the premier. The premier is directly appointed by the president, while other members of the Executive Yuan Council, or Cabinet—including the vice premier, ministers, chairpersons of commissions, and ministers without portfolio—are appointed by the president of the Republic upon the recommendation of the premier. In addition to supervising the subordinate organs of the Executive Yuan, the premier explains administrative policies and reports to the Legislative Yuan (Legislature) and responds to the interpellations of legislators.

For laws to take effect after enactment by the Legislative Yuan, they must be promulgated by the president and countersigned by the premier. In the event of vacancies in both the presidency and the vice presidency, the premier may perform the duties of the president for up to three months.

According to the Constitution, the Executive Yuan Council evaluates statutory and budgetary bills and bills concerning martial law, amnesty, declaration of war, conclusion of peace and treaties, and other important affairs, all of which are to be submitted to the Legislature, as well as matters of common concern to various ministries and commissions. The Executive Yuan Council may request that relevant personnel attend council meetings for interpellation.

The Executive Yuan has a secretary-general, two deputy secretaries-general and a spokesperson, all of whom attend meetings of the Executive Yuan Council. The secretary-general handles Executive Yuan administrative affairs. The deputy secretaries-general assist the secretary-general. The spokesperson leads work on Executive Yuan information and outreach.

Executive Yuan Organization Chart

Internal Organizational Structure of the Executive Yuan Internal Organizational Structure of the Executive Yuan

Executive Yuan Subordinate Agencies

Executive Yuan Subordinate Agencies Executive Yuan Subordinate Agencies
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