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Premier visits Microsoft Taiwan, urges foreign firms to invest more in Taiwan


Premier Su Tseng-chang visited Microsoft Taiwan on Friday to check out the company's research on innovative artificial intelligence (AI) applications and interactive experiences as well as on facial recognition. The government's hard work in recent years has been recognized by foreign companies, and Taiwan's investment environment has also ranked among the highest globally, the premier noted. He said the administration will continue with its commitment to meet the needs of foreign firms operating in Taiwan.

Thanks to government efforts to improve and stabilize the investment environment, Taiwan was named the best investment destination in Asia and third best globally (behind only Switzerland and Norway) in a report by U.S.-based Business Environment Risk Intelligence S.A. It is evident that the administration's hard work has earned the affirmation of foreign businesses, and the premier anticipated more international corporations increasing their investments in Taiwan.

Following a briefing in which Microsoft indicated interest in even closer cooperation with the government, Premier Su responded that digital technology applications are in high demand in Taiwan, and that funding for digital infrastructure has been included in the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program's special budget. The premier expressed hope that cooperation with Microsoft will help improve digital infrastructure in rural areas, and directed ministries and agencies to assess and discuss opportunities for collaborative projects.

In addition to experiencing Microsoft's interactive and innovative AI applications, Premier Su toured the company's AI research and development center, where he learned more about the R&D and technology behind facial recognition. The premier also offered his encouragement for the young research team's continued efforts.

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