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Agency leaders to personally inspect typhoon-ravaged islands


On August 29, Premier Sean Chen instructed Minister of the Interior and Central Emergency Operation Center (CEOC) commander Lee Hong-yuan, Office of Disaster Management director Shih Tseng-kang and Eastern Taiwan Joint Services Center director Kao Yang-sheng to go to Orchid Island (Lanyu) and Green Island to personally inspect the damage wreaked there by Typhoon Tembin.

Tembin left injuries as well as serious damage to homes and public facilities such as roads, schools, sea and air ports and gas stations in its wake. Chen directed Minister Lee to speedily formulate concrete measures to restore public infrastructure, transportation links, supplies of daily necessities and public safety on the islands and to determine whether the Taipower Nuclear Waste Storage Facility on Orchid Island was affected.

Yesterday, the premier instructed Lee and the Office of Disaster Management to gather information on the islands' circumstances. After hearing these reports, he ordered Lee and the heads of relevant government agencies to go to Orchid Island with saline solution, medical supplies and relief materials and to help its residents quickly resume their normal lives.

In anticipation of the typhoon, the Lanyu Township Office had requested the supply of more daily necessities. The National Airborne Service Corps delivered these supplies on the afternoon of the 26th under the direction of the CEOC, which kept in close contact with the township on the island's conditions afterward. More supplies are to be delivered today.

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