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Premier Su Tseng-chang speaks at first meeting of new Cabinet


The following is a translation of selected sections from the premier's speech at the first meeting of the new Cabinet.

Dear colleagues, as we mark the inauguration of the president and vice president, I want to thank the president for the confidence and authority to form a new Cabinet, and all of you for your willingness to join. It is one of my greatest honors to serve with you all as a member of this team.

The members of this team have a long history together. Though minor reassignments have been made, we also have a long history of collaborating as partners. I believe that the good results achieved in the past have received the president's affirmation and pleased the people. Now as we begin with the first meeting of this new Cabinet, we must work even harder and together attain even greater success.

When setting out to form a Cabinet in January last year, I made clear my objective and approach. My objective is to achieve results. My approach is to move a little more quickly, take a little more initiative, and together apply the most flexible methods to reach our goals in the quickest and most effective way possible. The strength of our national institutions comes from our authority as public servants and the power of team work. By coming together in sincere agreement and genuine dedication to the job, we can be certain of our effectualness. Our great success in managing the recent pandemic, for example, is the result of our united effort. I ask you now to continue in that spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

In addition to being efficient and capable, I hope our team will also be warmhearted to one another as between team members and colleagues. We also want the public to feel this warmth, that we are working with their best interests in mind.

Next, I'd like to ask everyone to take advantage of this wave of stimulus programs and public spending to continue improving infrastructure in remote regions and rural areas. Use this opportunity in conjunction with Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program funds to balance regional development. Our goal is to integrate different areas of Taiwan and achieve equal development across all regions, so I hope you'll all set your sights a hundred, or a thousand years into the future and formulate big, bold long-term plans for Taiwan. Over the next four years, we will implement these plans step by step and build Taiwan into what will be recognized as the best and most warmhearted place in the world.

While some of us have served longer terms and some shorter terms, we have all worked together and delivered the most productive, most efficient and most successful results. The people of Taiwan felt reassured and could see that the government was always on watch and working on their behalf. As we move forward, I hope everyone will join me in working even harder and being accountable to the people and to the nation. I sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you, everyone!

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