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Premier Su touts Taiwan's achievements in prevention of major infectious diseases


At the Cabinet's weekly meeting Thursday, Premier Su Tseng-chang received a Ministry of Health and Welfare briefing on achievements in the prevention of major infectious diseases. Over the past two years, Taiwan has devoted full efforts to defending against COVID-19 and successfully kept it at bay. Thanks to a strong public health system, the nation has also effectively controlled threats from many acute infectious diseases including influenza, enteroviruses, dengue fever and measles, all of which have seen sharp declines in numbers of infections and deaths. The premier asked disease prevention teams to continue their important work and protect the nation's health and safety.

In the latest "Covid Resilience Ranking" published by Bloomberg News, Taiwan improved nine spots in December after jumping 12 spots in November. In addition to our achievements in controlling the spread of COVID-19, the premier said, in 2021 there were zero cases of severe complications or death due to flu or enteroviruses, and no domestic cases of dengue fever. We have also had no cases of measles for two consecutive years, and the incidence of various types of tuberculosis, as well as HIV, have decreased.

As the Lunar New Year holiday is right around the corner, Premier Su reminded government ministries and agencies to continue strictly monitoring our borders and carry out Lunar New Year quarantine measures. He also urged the public to complete their vaccination regimen as soon as possible to protect themselves and safeguard the health and safety of all Taiwan citizens.

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