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Executive Yuan introduces contact tracing text messaging service


Executive Yuan Spokesperson Lo Ping-cheng, Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang and Minister of Transportation and Communications Wang Kwo-tsai hosted a press conference Wednesday to introduce a text messaging service for contact tracing that allows members of the public to use their mobile phones to leave contact information when visiting stores, markets, government buildings and public transportation venues. Local governments that have yet to set up a name-based contact tracing system are also encouraged to use the text messaging service for public transport systems within their jurisdictions.

Not only is the service easy to use, it's also free and fast. The text messaging service can more precisely and quickly track confirmed COVID-19 cases as well as people who have come into contact with them, thereby helping to contain any outbreaks. The Executive Yuan urged all sectors to work together and make good use of this disease prevention tool.

Minister Tang explained that the entire process requires only five seconds and as few as three steps to complete. Two methods are available. Mobile phone users can add the Centers for Disease Control's official LINE account to their friends list, and tap the contact tracing QR code scanner on the chat page. Users may also employ their phone's built-in QR code scanner, scan the venue's designated QR code, tap the pop-up link and send out the text message.

For phones that do not support a camera function, the user may simply go to text messaging service, enter 1922 in the recipient line, enter the venue's identification code in the body of the message, and send out the text. These easy steps will complete the contact tracing registration process.

For stores wishing to apply for a QR code, the government has already tested and established a request system that will be ready to go by Wednesday afternoon, Minister Tang continued. Store owners can go to the contact tracing text messaging system's (https://emask.taiwan.gov.tw/real/) homepage, register the required information, and authenticate their cell phone number in order to download a QR code they can use.

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