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Taiwan shines with epidemic control achieved, relief begun, stimulus planned


After a briefing by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on the COVID-19 outbreak and Taiwan's response, Premier Su Tseng-chang said that a consecutive 31 days have passed since any new locally transmitted cases have been reported, and that this accomplishment comes thanks to the collective efforts of the entire nation and the public's support of government efforts. Taiwan has also achieved a world-leading recovery rate, with 85 percent of confirmed cases already released from isolation and no longer requiring hospital treatment.

Unfortunately, the pandemic continues to expand throughout 195 countries, recording 4.3 million confirmed cases and 290,000 deaths globally. The premier said that this makes Taiwan the safest community in the world. It also highlights the need for continued vigilance.

Premier Su credited the efforts of his entire team for the success with epidemic control. Now that Taiwan has shifted into the relief stage, over 8 million people so far have received assistance, and the government is preparing to roll out stimulus measures.

The next stage of response work will proceed in accordance with Central Epidemic Command Center guidelines and planning, with the goal of largely reopening and restrictions as the exception, the premier emphasized. Upcoming economic stimulus will focus on a sustained push to energize domestic consumption, the travel sector and shopping areas, among others. The policy to expand domestic demand will also be addressed through such initiatives as public works, programs to draw back home investment from overseas Taiwanese businesses, and the second phase of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program.

Premier Su directed all ministries and agencies to undertake comprehensive strategic planning to address global economic reordering, based on the unprecedented state of global trends, Taiwan's relative advantages, market patterns and other factors. He expressed confidence that having tamed the coronavirus, and prepared for economic relief and stimulus work, Taiwan can turn this crisis into an opportunity for transformation.

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