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Premier attends 35th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Monday attended the 35th Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Delivering a congratulatory address, the premier said this year's conference, with the theme of "Connecting the East and the West, One Health in One Planet," brings together approximately 1,500 people from 65 countries. During the course of the conference, a total of 1,387 research papers will be presented and displayed—which must surely make it the world's largest-scale international academic conference on environmental health, he said.

Premier Chen emphasized that the knowledge and insights shared by experts around the globe at the conference will contribute to the growing understanding of environmental health and the development of effective risk management strategies, and will also facilitate increased international cooperation within the field.

During the conference, the premier also presented a keynote lecture in English on the topic of Epidemiology and Public Health Policy Decisions. He shared how Taiwan's government has prevented and controlled epidemic diseases such as blackfoot disease, liver cancer, stomach cancer, SARS and COVID-19 through its development of comprehensive public health policies.

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