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Premier affirms successful conclusion of presidential and legislative elections


Premier Su Tseng-chang said at Thursday's meeting of the Cabinet that Taiwan has again demonstrated to the world the maturity of the nation's democratic system with the successful conclusion of the 15th presidential and 10th legislative elections on January 11. The premier's remarks came following a presentation by the Central Election Commission on the conduct of the combined elections.

Taiwan's transformation into a democratic country was a hard-won victory, and this year's nearly 75 percent participation rate—an eight-year high—makes plain that voters cherish their right to choose the most capable leaders through balloting, said Premier Su. Although there may be slight differences in people's opinions and conceptions of the nation, democratic elections serve as a common denominator that unites Taiwan.

Despite their enormous complexity, Taiwan's elections to date have been peaceful and largely trouble free. They have also been conducted openly and transparently, allowing the entire electorate to monitor and verify the results. Because of this, all those vying for office—whether successful or not—can accept the will of the voters with equanimity and mutual congratulations. This democratic ethos is the positive result of years of effort, and makes Taiwan's democracy a source of great pride.

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