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NT$6 billion earmarked for regional revitalization over next four years


At Thursday's Cabinet meeting, Premier Chen Chien-jen received a National Development Council (NDC) briefing on a new regional revitalization plan that builds sustainable benefits for all (2025-2028). The premier said the government has been promoting a regional revitalization policy for over five years and has witnessed promising initial results. The new plan is expected to allocate NT$6 billion (US$191.7 million) over the next four years to continue these efforts, so that outstanding proposals for local revitalization can obtain the backing of government resources.

The government has been promoting its regional revitalization policy in order to advance balanced urban-rural development throughout Taiwan, with ministries and agencies steadily investing resources and effort over the past five years and more, the premier said. In numerous cases, we have seen young people devise and put forward creative solutions to address the issues and difficulties that their hometowns face. Through passion, action and effective use of government resources, their contributions to regional revitalization are gradually encouraging more people to return or remain in their hometowns to live and start new businesses.

Premier Chen said that promotion of the 2025-2028 plan will require collaboration between 11 different ministries and agencies including the NDC, Council of Indigenous Peoples, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Economic Affairs. He instructed each ministry and agency to give their full and active participation and to continue optimizing delivery mechanisms. He also asked them to explore further cooperation with other countries for the joint promotion of Taiwan's achievements in regional revitalization.

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