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Outgoing Premier Su Tseng-chang's remarks at his final Cabinet session


The following is a translation of the main points of Premier Su's remarks.

Cabinet members, colleagues, friends:

I have had the great fortune of being given the opportunity to lead all of you in working for our nation and serving the people. Over the last four years, we've collaborated and helped each other in accomplishing a great many different things, setting new directions and leaving behind many achievements.

Today is the 203rd Cabinet meeting that I have chaired. Since I first stood here with everyone on January 14, 2019, every day has truly been an exercise in exhausting our minds, bodies, hearts and souls to the utmost limit to face a variety of different challenges, devoting our full selves to this nation, this land, this people, in an effort to do our very best.

We have been steadfast in protecting Taiwan and adhering to our resolution to serve the people and the nation. As such, although I today bid farewell to all of you, I'm confident that under the leadership of Premier Chen Chien-jen, those of you who will remain will continue to toil tirelessly for Taiwan, and this gives me great comfort and happiness.

I feel extremely thankful for good fortune in times of challenges, for the president's trust in me, for the assistance of legislators and for your unlimited dedication and efforts; I've been truly fortunate to have had all of you by my side during these last four years at the helm of the nation's highest administrative body. There is so much more I could say, but I will end here with a salute and a final: thank you.

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