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Executive Yuan approves draft amendments to Act for Distant Water Fisheries


The Executive Yuan on Thursday approved Ministry of Agriculture draft amendments for Articles 14-1, 36-1 and 47 of the Act for Distant Water Fisheries. Premier Chen Chien-jen said Taiwan has consistently advocated combatting illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, which forms a key element of the government's efforts to work with the international community to promote sustainable fishing industries.

The draft amendments contain new measures that prohibit and penalize imports of IUU catches to correspond with existing penalties for exports of IUU catches. These measures will deter people from taking the risk of importing IUU catches or IUU fishery products and establish more consistent and comprehensive standards under the Act, to help ensure the healthy development of Taiwan's distant water fishing industry and demonstrate Taiwan's determination to cooperate with nations around the globe to crack down on IUU fishing.

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