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Premier receives delegation from Swedish parliament's Committee on Industry and Trade


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Thursday received a parliamentary delegation from the Swedish Riksdag's Committee on Industry and Trade. The premier thanked Committee Chair Tobias Andersson and members of the Riksdag's Taiwan friendship group for their continued support at various forums for Taiwan's meaningful participation in the World Health Assembly, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, International Civil Aviation Organization and other international organizations. The premier said Taiwan stands ready to cooperate with likeminded nations to share its experiences in specialized fields and contribute to the international community.

He also expressed gratitude to Chair Andersson for urging the EU to open negotiations on a bilateral investment agreement with Taiwan, which he said would help to enlarge spheres of cooperation. The premier hopes Taiwan and Sweden will continue to strengthen substantial and mutually beneficial relations by building upon the existing firm foundations, working together to uphold democratic values and the rules-based international order.

In his remarks, Chair Andersson said the delegation consisted of politicians from both governing and opposition parties, showing the broad range of support held for Taiwan by political parties in Sweden. He said Swedish companies have a high presence in Taiwan and have engaged in productive exchanges with Taiwanese businesses, adding he is sure the delegation can learn a lot about creating successful business environments from Taiwan. Chair Andersson also expressed hope that Taiwan and Sweden can together overcome shared obstacles with innovation, meeting challenges such as the competencies required for a high-level workforce, in addition to security threats and other concerning issues.

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