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Premier receives US-Taiwan Business Council delegation


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Monday received a delegation from the US-Taiwan Business Council (USTBC). The premier said USTBC has been a solid, long-term partner in Taiwan's efforts to deepen trade and economic relations with the U.S. The delegation comprises members from industries including high tech, energy and finance, demonstrating the importance that U.S. businesses place on the Taiwanese market and working together with Taiwanese companies.

The premier pointed out that the launch of the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade was announced in June 2022, the first agreement under the initiative was signed in June 2023, and both sides continue to hold further discussions under the initiative's framework. Taiwan and the U.S. also continue to bolster cooperation in various areas including supply chain resilience, science and technology, and green energy transition, through platforms such as the Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue (EPPD) and Technology, Trade and Investment Collaboration (TTIC). These mechanisms for establishing institutional exchanges on trade and economic issues contribute to the strengthening of the Taiwan-U.S. economic partnership.

The premier emphasized that the government will continue improving Taiwan's investment environment to enhance the Taiwan-U.S. trade and economic relationship. Additionally, in order to promote two-way investment, Taiwan seeks to expeditiously reach a double taxation avoidance agreement with the U.S. The premier hopes that USTBC will continue to help convey the importance of this issue to the U.S. government, and provide strong support to Taiwan as all sides work together to achieve new milestones in the future of Taiwan-U.S. relations.

Leading the delegation, Keith Krach, chairman of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue, said the mission of the USTBC delegation is to tighten U.S.-Taiwan ties and increase bilateral investment between the two nations. He added that members of USTBC are doing everything they can to achieve progress on the issue of double taxation with the U.S. Congress. Furthermore, the Global Tech Security Commission, which Chairman Krach co-chairs, is building a global trusted tech network and views Taiwan as a trustworthy partner—the delegation is here to build those relationships, he said.

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