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Premier receives US National Endowment for Democracy President Damon Wilson


Premier Su Tseng-chang on Monday received a delegation led by Mr. Damon Wilson, president and CEO of the U.S.-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and offered the delegation a wholehearted welcome on behalf of the government and people of Taiwan. This October, NED and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy will jointly hold the World Movement for Democracy's Global Assembly in Taiwan for the first time. The premier believes this forum will bring together free democratic partners from across the world in closer cooperation and solidarity, and offer a greater international platform to promote the values of freedom, democracy and human rights.

At this moment when Russia is invading Ukraine, NED, a champion for democracy, freedom and human rights, has made a special effort under Mr. Wilson to make Taiwan his first stop in his first trip to Asia since taking office. The Taiwanese people deeply appreciate the high regard and recognition shown to Taiwan by NED's visit, and the demonstration of the friendship between Taiwan and the U.S., the premier said.

Premier Su noted that Taiwan is a free, democratic and open country that has garnered global recognition in various international assessments and is ranked among the freest nations in the world. These hard-earned achievements were made possible today only through generations of struggle by the Taiwanese people, as well as mutual assistance from our democratic partners.

Ukraine so far has not been completely occupied by Russia thanks in part to the strong and vocal support demonstrated by free democracies and partners around the world. Taiwan, for its part, has also rallied to provide humanitarian assistance and condemned the evil act of aggression antithetical to freedom and democracy. The situation shows that the world's free and democratic nations and partners should work closer together and forge stronger solidarity, the premier said.

Taiwan established the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy in 2003 with support and encouragement from NED, and the two will co-organize the World Movement for Democracy's Global Assembly this October 24-27. With the two organizations working side by side, the premier believes the world's free and democratic partners can further unite so that the values of freedom, democracy and human rights will grow stronger and be more respected around the world.

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