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Draft action plan to promote domestic age-tech industry


At Thursday's Cabinet meeting, Premier Chen Chien-jen received a briefing by the National Science and Technology Council on a draft action plan to promote the domestic age-tech industry. The premier said the action plan promotes the development of a model, people-oriented tech industry by harnessing Taiwan's technological prowess to support the needs of the elderly population in a way that benefits all of society.

Many societies around the world are facing significant challenges as they transition to aging populations and Taiwan is no exception, the premier said. Issues that will need to be addressed include ensuring that the elderly are able to lead independent lives, as well as encouraging their increased participation in public life, promoting cultural learning, leisure activities and late-life employment to strengthen social bonds and enrich people's twilight years. Achieving these aims will require the introduction of new applied technologies to facilitate more comprehensive, people-friendly care.

The premier said the plan prioritizes the perspectives of the elderly and their needs, enabling them to transition from being passively cared for to being actively empowered. This will improve their quality of life while also creating new opportunities for technology industries that support the aged. By making the everyday lives of older people more healthy, sustainable and livable, the plan will bolster the social participation and economic activity of the senior population, helping to drive forward national development and make Taiwan a global leader in technology industries for the elderly.

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