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DIGI+ plan to build digital nation, develop innovative economy

Premier Lin Chuan said today that the government's Digital Nation and Innovative Economic Development Plan (2017-2025) is expected to expand Taiwan's digital economy, increase internet bandwidth, ensure citizens' basic rights to broadband internet access, and raise Taiwan's standing in the global information sector.

The premier spoke following a briefing by the Executive Yuan Office of Science and Technology (OST) at the Cabinet's weekly meeting. Given the importance of this "DIGI+" plan to the country's industrial and social future, it should be promoted on a large scale to address the full range of issues, Premier Lin said.

The premier instructed the responsible agencies to formulate concrete action plans that achieve tangible results that resonate with the public. They should also draft a digital communications bill and submit amendments to the Telecommunications Act for the Executive Yuan's review by year-end. Ministers without Portfolio Wu Tsung-Tsong and Audrey Tang were asked to supervise the plan and ensure it produces real, tangible results for the public.

The plan contains several important development strategies:
• DIGI+Infrastructure: Build infrastructure conducive to digital innovation.
• DIGI+Talent: Cultivate digital innovation talent.
• DIGI+Industry: Support cross-industry transformation through digital innovation.
• DIGI+Rights: Make Taiwan an advanced society that respects digital rights and supports open online communities.
• DIGI+Cities: Build smart cities through cooperation among central and local governments and the industrial, academic and research sectors.
• DIGI+Globalization: Boost Taiwan's standing in the global digital service economy.

According to the OST, the plan's main goals for 2025 are to grow Taiwan's digital economy to NT$6.5 trillion (US$205.9 billion), increase the digital lifestyle services penetration rate to 80 percent, speed up broadband connections to 2 Gbps, ensure citizens' basic rights to have 25 Mbps broadband access, and put Taiwan among the top 10 information technology nations worldwide.

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