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Regional revitalization policy to balance development throughout Taiwan


At the Cabinet's weekly meeting Thursday, Premier Chen Chien-jen received a National Development Council briefing on the progress of the Regional Revitalization 2.0 policy, which advances development of local industries and environments with emphasis on local connections and population mobility. The premier said that, after years of government promotion, regional revitalization initiatives have now built up a wave of momentum and are giving rise to one success story after another. He said the task of regional revitalization requires thorough dedication, and he directed the National Development Council to continue deepening its efforts and cooperation with related ministries and agencies, so as to accelerate progress toward the goal of balanced development throughout Taiwan.

Premier Chen emphasized that young people are an essential factor in the promotion of the regional revitalization policy, and there is a critical need for the use of proactive methods to encourage young people to return to serve their hometowns. Furthermore, reinvigoration of a local area cannot rely only on a single enterprise, but requires integration with a holistic support system. Future projects should be in keeping with the spirit of regional revitalization and have benefiting local communities as their founding ethos, so as to gradually improve the fundamental quality of regional development and attract people and talent to return to their hometowns.

Premier Chen further explained that with the easing of domestic COVID-19 measures, business opportunities around domestic tourism are gradually returning. In the post-pandemic era, regional revitalization requires more diverse and innovative ideas in order to weave together Taiwan's patchwork of distinctive regional characteristics, raise the quality of local products, and improve product marketing and the use of diverse digital sales platforms, thus creating the basis for a Taiwanese model of regional revitalization.

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