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Government plan to enhance digital resilience of critical public information systems


At Thursday's weekly Cabinet meeting, the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) presented a report on a plan to enhance the digital resilience of critical public information systems operated by executive branches of government. Premier Chen Chien-jen said that the plan draws on international experience and requires all ministries and agencies to cooperate closely to ensure Taiwan is sufficiently resilient in the digital domain to cope with emergency situations.

MODA has identified 18 critical public systems and expects to invest NT$1.34 billion (US$41.9 million) over the next four years (2024 to 2027) to promote cryptographic splitting and data backup mechanisms, and to build out the core functions of each critical system. This work will ensure the provision of basic digital services so that society can continue to function during major disasters or emergencies, and allow for the rapid resumption of normal operations in the post-disaster recovery stage, the premier said.

Premier Chen instructed ministries and agencies to proactively plan and promote the transfer of critical public information systems data to cloud-based data storage, and asked MODA to provide the necessary technical support and collaborate with ministries and agencies to strengthen the technical training and empowerment of relevant personnel. By enhancing its digital resilience, Taiwan will be in the best possible shape to respond to major disasters and emergencies, the premier said.

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