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Taiwan attends 2023 APEC Women and the Economy Forum


Minister without Portfolio Lo Ping-cheng on Sunday led a delegation to attend the 2023 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Women and the Economy Forum in Seattle, Washington, with representatives from several government agencies and civic organizations including the Executive Yuan's Department of Gender Equality, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foundation for Women's Rights Promotion and Development. The delegation attended the forum's High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Women and the Economy. This year's topic was guaranteeing women's participation, empowerment and entering leadership positions in environmental and energy fields. Taiwan shared experience promoting its Gender Equality Policy Guidelines, as well as the nation's inclusive environmental and energy policies.

In his remarks at the HLPD, Minister Lo said more women have been assuming important leadership roles in Taiwan, with the proportion of female city mayors and county magistrates exceeding 50% in recent years. Government committees and councils in environment- and energy-related fields are required to ensure their membership gender ratio does not fall below one-third in either direction. Surveys have also shown that women occupy 26% of jobs in Taiwan's offshore wind industry, above the average of 22% in the wind power industry worldwide. Minister Lo said that Taiwan's practical experiences can show the world the impact that women's participation has on public issues such as the environment and energy, and also demonstrate that Taiwan's government is resolutely and proactively working to realize greater gender equality and inclusivity.

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