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Premier receives Ukrainian student delegation, welcomes their study in Taiwan


Premier Su Tseng-chang received a Ukrainian student delegation Friday at the Assembly Hall of the Executive Yuan. This meeting demonstrates to the world that the pursuit of universal values of freedom, equality, human rights and economic prosperity will not be defeated by violence, nor is anyone alone in the face of war, the premier said. We will persevere and bring about a brighter future for this world.

Taiwan and Ukraine are both peace-loving free countries, but both are confronting threats from powerful neighbors. Taiwan is therefore willing to lend its utmost support to Ukraine. Since the Ukraine-Russia war broke out, the government and people of Taiwan have already donated over US$45 million and more than 600 metric tons of goods and medical supplies to Ukraine and its surrounding countries, in addition to providing scholarships for Ukrainian students to study in Taiwan.

The premier welcomed Ukrainian students to study languages or other fields of specialty in Taiwan, and called on universities and teachers to continue providing assistance and hospitality to this group of displaced students, so that they can enjoy studying in Taiwan and become outstanding talents whose skills will shine in the future.

A Ukrainian student representative from Tunghai University said in her remarks that, while the Ukrainian students in Taiwan possess different personalities, worldviews and ambitions, they have united together because of their love and desire to protect their home country. War will only bring pain and death, and no Ukrainian wants to see war break out in any part of the world. The Ukraine-Russia war has already caused them much emotional trauma, so they all want to see a swift end to the war, and are confident that the Ukrainian people can safeguard their land, nation and rightful independence.

War has no place in the 21st century, the student representative continued. The government and people of Taiwan have extended a helping hand and demonstrated friendship to Ukraine at a very difficult time, standing together with Ukraine to oppose war. The support of the people of Taiwan is very important to Ukrainians, she said, expressing her sincere gratitude on behalf of all the Ukrainian students. She also thanked Tunghai University and other universities in Taiwan for their generosity in providing full scholarships for the Ukrainian students.

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