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Premier pledges across-the-board support for science and technology


Following a briefing Thursday by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on the 11th National Science and Technology Conference, Premier Su Tseng-chang emphasized that technology is key to national strength. He also said that technology is no longer a standalone topic. In addition to making further upgrades on existing foundations and fully embracing an innovation economy, Taiwan's science and technology community must also respond to environmental needs and social changes, as well as forge links with industry.

The premier directed MOST to expedite the formulation of the next four-year National Science and Technology Development Plan based on the recommendations forwarded by the conference. Upon approval the plan will guide national policies supporting the development of science and technology.

Taiwan has won wide acclaim from the international community for its technological prowess, and is globally recognized as a world leader in semiconductors and information and communications technology, Premier Su noted. An opinion piece published last month by The New York Times called Taiwan "the most important place in the world" and "the center of the battle for global technological supremacy." The premier further observed that the World Economic Forum recently advised that sustainability and inclusion are central to reviving and transforming economies across the world in the post-COVID era. The Swiss-based organization also encouraged countries to take advantage of digital and innovative technologies to promote new economic models and concepts.

President Tsai Ing-wen attaches great value to scientific and technological development, said Premier Su. He indicated that the Executive Yuan is moving in step, making across-the-board investments in terms of budget, policy, talent and the business environment.

MOST said the three-day National Science and Technology Conference concluded successfully last December 23, with about 200,000 instances of both in-person and online participation. Attendants across different sectors, generations and disciplines communicated and exchanged views, while the government gathered feedback and recommendations from all quarters. Conclusions from the conference will serve as the basis for compiling a draft of the National Science and Technology Plan (2021-2024), to be submitted to the Executive Yuan for approval.

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