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Premier receives Japanese parliamentary delegation, hopes to deepen security, economics and trade cooperation


Premier Su Tseng-chang on Thursday received a Japanese parliamentary delegation with the aim of discussing collaboration on regional security and other issues. Taiwan and Japan have stood together through thick and thin on security interests, the premier said, and this special visit by the delegation clearly demonstrates the importance that Japan places upon our joint safety and bilateral relations. Premier Su hopes that through this meeting, our two countries can deepen cooperation by exchanging opinions on important topics including security, economics and trade.

Taiwan and Japan are geographically close and share similar social circumstances, the premier said, and we both uphold the same values of freedom, democracy and human rights. There are also frequent exchange and interactions between our two populations, with polls historically showing that our peoples share great friendship, closeness and favorable opinions toward each other. When tragedies or natural disasters strike, not only have our governments swiftly shown concern and provided assistance, but the peoples of our two nations have also demonstrated great acts of kindness. Such fellowship between two countries is rare in the world and should be treasured.

Taiwan and Japan's economic and trade ties are not only mutually beneficial but complementary as well, the premier said. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.'s recent move to set up facilities in Japan, for instance, will deepen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. Taiwan's semiconductor supply chain occupies an important position on the global stage, so any armed attack on Taiwan would not only harm regional peace and stability but also disrupt Taiwan's important supply chains to the world. The premier therefore welcomes the delegation's visit and looks forward to exchanges on security, the economy, trade and other important issues.

Japanese House of Representatives Member Ishiba Shigeru said in his remarks that former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo once stated "Taiwan's emergency is Japan's emergency," and therefore the two sides must consider, in the event of a military conflict in the future, whether Taiwan has signed treaties or has any legal basis to work with other nations. This will help strengthen mutual assistance and cooperation and effectively curb armed aggression.

Representative Ishiba also expressed hope that Taiwan and Japan can build a mechanism for honest exchange of ideas, and that discussion topics would not be limited to the military sphere but include the economic field as well, as it would promote peace and stability for Taiwan and Japan. He hoped this mechanism can be put into practice and pledged to do everything in his power to promote cooperation between the two sides.

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