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FORMOSAT-5 technologies to boost peripheral industries


The completion of FORMOSAT-5 marks an important milestone in nation's space technology as it is the first high-resolution remote-sensing satellite developed by Taiwan, Premier Lin Chuan said at the National Space Organization (NSPO) today while inspecting packaging and shipping preparations ahead of the satellite's launch on August 25.

The fruit of collaboration by the NSPO and local industries, FORMOSAT-5 was entirely produced domestically, from design and manufacturing to the assembly and testing stages. It is a testament to Taiwan's advanced satellite manufacturing capabilities, the premier touted.

Thanks to expanding technologies and ever-shrinking electronic components, satellites will play increasingly larger roles in military applications, communication technology, national security and commercial activities. Satellite-related industries are expected to take off in another two to three decades, making Taiwan's indigenous satellite capabilities all the more important, Premier Lin said.

The satellite industry will also aid Taiwan's industrialization efforts and boost growth of the machinery, information and communications sectors, Premier Lin said. He encouraged field professionals to strive higher, even start their own businesses, and work with one another to grow the industry. He also expressed hope that more countries will engage in satellite manufacturing cooperation with Taiwan.

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, FORMOSAT-5 is scheduled to blast off on August 25 at 2:50 a.m., Taiwan time, from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The satellite will be delivered on July 19 to the launch site for final testing and integration with the Falcon 9 rocket, its launch vehicle.

The FORMOSAT-5 high-resolution optical remote-sensing satellite was built by more than 50 domestic teams including Taiwan's CMOS Sensor Inc. and National Central University. It will continue the remote-sensing mission previously executed by FORMOSAT-2, providing 2-meter panchromatic and 4-meter multispectral resolution images for a wide array of applications including government administration, disaster forecasting and mitigation, national security, environmental observation, international technological exchanges, academic research and international humanitarian assistance. FORMOSAT-5 will also carry the Advanced Ionospheric Probe science payload to create space weather models, monitor ionospheric disturbances, and study seismic precursors associated with earthquakes.

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