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Premier calls for disinformation awareness and price stability in response to Ukraine developments


At the Cabinet's weekly meeting Thursday, Premier Su Tseng-chang called for vigilance against foreign powers that are taking advantage of the current situation in Ukraine to wage cognitive warfare and damage the peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. The premier directed relevant ministries and agencies to actively strengthen their efforts to clarify and combat disinformation, as well as ramp up efforts to monitor and provide early warning of military developments around the Taiwan Strait.

In regards to Russia's recent infringement upon the national sovereignty of Ukraine, the premier noted that Taiwan's situation differs from Ukraine in terms of geostrategic influence, geographic environment, and importance within the international supply chain. Nevertheless, Taiwan must be on guard against foreign powers manipulating the developments in Ukraine to engage in cognitive warfare and threaten the stability of the Taiwan Strait.

President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday directed government agencies to vigorously combat and control the spread of false information while strengthening prevention responses to stabilize society and public morale. The nation must also step up monitoring and early warning efforts on military developments around the Taiwan Strait in order to respond to any situation in real time.

Additionally, as developments in Ukraine will have short, medium and long-term impacts on Taiwan and around the world, Premier Su instructed agencies to continue strengthening the nation's response plans to maintain essential stockpiles, stabilize commodity prices and calm financial markets.

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