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Premier marks Earth Day with call to build safe, fair, just and sustainable green homeland


On the occasion of Earth Day 2021, Premier Su Tseng-chang said at Thursday's Cabinet meeting that many discussions have already taken place concerning action plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent from 2005 levels by 2050, as called for in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act. He further noted that dialogues with industry, academia, researchers and other sectors have begun. Additional possible avenues will also be identified and evaluated as Taiwan picks up its step to match the global pace.

The premier's remarks came following a presentation by the Environmental Protection Administration on a green lifestyle for all.

Since first assuming office President Tsai Ing-wen has promoted a number of major environmental policies, including Taiwan as a nuclear-free homeland, energy transformation, and air pollution reduction and control. With projects as varied as Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program-funded water resource infrastructure expansions and transportation equality, to environmental education, equal opportunity education, "source local" food programs, and policies to encourage public interaction with the nation's mountains and oceans, the government has consistently advanced President Tsai's goal of sustainable development for Taiwan, Premier Su said.

Ministries and agencies should not only strive to achieve the objectives of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act, but also work with greater determination, courage, action, speed and efficiency—properly incorporating considerations of supply, manufacturing, consumption and the environment—to build a sustainable and green homeland, said the premier.

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