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Premier receives French Senate delegation, welcomes deeper cooperation


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Wednesday received a French Senate delegation led by Alain Richard, vice president of the Senate and chair of the Senate's Taiwan Friendship Group. The premier said Chairman Richard has led the Taiwan Friendship Group in actively promoting parliamentary exchanges between the two nations, including through the institutionalization of such exchanges, and facilitating the passage of the French Senate's first Taiwan-friendly resolution by unanimous consent in 2021. This demonstrates Chairman Richard's considerable influence and represents the greatest support toward the two nations' efforts to uphold freedom and democratic values.

Premier Chen noted that France is Taiwan's fourth largest trading partner in Europe, as well as Taiwan's second largest partner in scientific research worldwide. Building upon this longstanding friendship, the premier hopes Taiwan and France can jointly explore the frontiers of the digital era by strengthening cooperation on talent training and advanced technologies, in areas including semiconductors, space technology and artificial intelligence.

In his remarks, Chairman Richard said he has always been extremely positive about the development of the Taiwan-France relationship. Not only is the membership of the Senate's Taiwan Friendship Group continually growing, the French public is also increasingly focused on issues relating to Taiwan and the Taiwan Strait, particularly regarding Taiwan's impressive multi-decade economic growth and its outstanding response to the COVID-19 pandemic, both of which have received wider international recognition.

Chairman Richard also said Taiwan provides an extremely transparent and secure investment environment, while bilateral trade exchange and cooperation between Taiwan and France are virtually barrier free. He expressed hope that bilateral trade and the many areas of cooperation between the two nations will continue to go from strength to strength in the future.

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