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Executive Yuan passes bill on recruiting and hiring foreign professionals


The Executive Yuan passed a bill today to encourage the recruitment and hiring of foreign professionals. The bill, drafted by the National Development Council (NDC), will be sent to the Legislature for deliberation.

This is a vital piece of legislation because human resources are the key to Taiwan's competiveness, Premier Lin Chuan said. He added that it is important for Taiwan to attract foreign professionals while enhancing the capabilities of the overall work force. The bill proposes significant changes to residency requirements and will make it easier for foreigners to live and work in Taiwan.

The bill concentrates on resolving residency issues and creating a reasonable working and living environment, without making too many changes to the original regulations that govern the hiring of foreign professionals. The next step is to consider lowering requirements for those wishing to work in Taiwan, Premier Lin said.

The NDC said it drafted the bill to encourage the recruitment of foreign talent and offer more incentives for them to work and live in Taiwan. These professionals can fill the gaps in Taiwan's technical labor shortage, help local businesses expand overseas, promote industrial development and technological advances, and help enhance the international mindsets and employability of Taiwanese people—all of which will drive Taiwan's transformation toward a more high-tech, high value-added economy.

If passed, the bill would ease visa and residency restrictions on foreign professionals and improve insurance, pension and other benefits to create a friendlier work environment. It does not, however, change the eligibility requirements or evaluation standards for foreigners seeking work in Taiwan, the NDC said.

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