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Housing policy aims to help young people realize dreams

At the Cabinet's meeting today, Premier Mao Chi-kuo said that the Ministry of the Interior's (MOI) overall housing policy upholds the Constitution's mandate of protecting citizens' basic rights, gives people suitable housing in a dignified living environment, and fulfill the government's goal of housing justice.

After hearing the MOI's report on the policy, the premier directed the MOI to create specific measures from the policy plans and asked local governments to join the effort in meeting the housing needs of the populace.

The main planks of the housing policy include building a healthy real estate market, providing housing assistance for diverse needs, and improving the quality of residential environments, the premier said. Over the short-to-medium term, the government will provide rental assistance, social housing units, handicap renovation grants, earthquake-resistance assessment subsidies, as well as more housing options for young people.

With high prices leaving many young people unable to purchase a house, the MOI proposed a special "living and housing" plan that envisions not only affordable homes for qualified young people but also at locations convenient to transportation, work, schools and other living needs.

To keep the system fair and ensure the benefits go to more than just a few people, the MOI plans to restrict whom these houses may be resold to, limit the price of resale, and give the government priority for repurchasing. Such a closed welfare housing system will not affect prices in the regular real estate market, the premier said.

The premier welcomed wider input as the MOI works out the plan's details, and he hoped that central and local authorities can work together to help young people realize their dreams of owning a home.

The principle of the overall policy is to provide housing that is suitable for the inhabitant, the MOI said. The government will conduct rolling reviews and adjust its policies to meet the needs of different groups—those seeking to rent homes, purchase homes, or make their homes safer or more accessible.
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