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Premier Su Tseng-chang's speech at Cabinet resignation


The following is a translation of selected sections from the premier's speech at the Cabinet's resignation.

On January 14, 2019, President Tsai Ing-wen asked me to take up the premiership and assemble a Cabinet to serve the country and the people. I'm deeply thankful to every member of the team for your industrious efforts over the past year, for building a government that works hard on behalf of the people to provide tangible benefits.

Last Friday, the president asked me to remain in the position of premier. This announcement represents affirmation for the entire team. The team's achievements were made possible only because of its members, and our work has been recognized by the president and the people.

Next Wednesday, May 20, will see the inauguration of the president and the vice president-elect of the Republic of China. In accordance with constitutional precedent, the Cabinet is resigning en masse. President Tsai will begin her second term, and her administration will enter a new phase. I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank each member of the Cabinet, for your contributions to the nation and society, for your tireless service to the people, and for your generous assistance to me.

Many of you will stay in the Cabinet, while some of you may move on to pursue other career plans. I hope everyone will remember how we worked together to build up Taiwan, our beautiful country, during our time here. We really gave it our all. This journey, difficult but filled with a sense of achievement, was also exciting and wonderful because of everyone here. Wherever we may be, whether on the team or outside the team, serving the country or society in any capacity, I hope we will always support and encourage one another, and continue working to the best of our abilities for the sake of this nation, this land, and the courageous people that inhabit it.

To each person here, I wish you every success in your work. May you realize all that you dream of, and may our team continue achieving great things for the nation.

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