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Government and industry to join forces in developing display technology


Premier Su Tseng-chang said on Thursday that the government will join forces with display manufacturers to promote distinctive, differentiated, high-value-added products and applications that will drive the next wave of the nation's industrial expansion. Citing factors like a gradually emerging environment for Taiwan's 5G and artificial intelligence-powered internet of things, growing consumer preferences for lifelike and compelling interactive experiences, and the reordering of global supply chains caused by the U.S.-China trade war and the coronavirus pandemic, the premier argued that now is the perfect time for the display industry to pursue breakthrough innovations.

Premier Su made his remarks after a Cabinet briefing by the Executive Yuan's Office of Science and Technology (OST) on a five-year action plan for Taiwan's display technology and related applications.

Taiwan's annual production of display products was worth NT$1.4 trillion (US$45.3 billion) in 2019, said the premier. Accounting for about 8 percent of GDP and employing 150,000 people, the industry ranked second globally in terms of the output and value of small, medium and large screens, as well as displays for televisions and automobiles.

The NT$17.7 billion (US$595.6 million) display tech action plan was approved by the premier on May 22. Building on Taiwan's advantages in display technology, the plan will focus on retail, transport, health care and entertainment applications, with the aims of developing advanced display technologies and application systems as well as promoting cooperation between the panel display and semiconductor industries. These efforts will ensure that Taiwan's advanced tech industries retain their leading positions in the international market.

According to the OST, the action plan envisions using emerging display technologies and applications to achieve a smart lifestyle by 2030. By that year, Taiwan is expected to own the lion's share of the global market for display tech solutions, lead the world in systems solution export value, and boast a smart display supply chain worth NT$2.5 trillion (US$84.1 billion). By creating such unique and differentiated products, the industry will be able to enhance added value and boost Taiwan's international competitiveness.

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