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Premier highlights greater worker benefits and protections on eve of Labor Day


Premier Su Tseng-chang said on Thursday that the Legislature's passage on Friday of a comprehensive new occupational accident insurance and labor protection law was a way to show appreciation and respect to the country's more than 11 million workers. As the nation prepares to observe Labor Day on Saturday, it is the dedication, focus and energy of this mighty workforce that has pushed Taiwan to the forefront of global economies, he said.

Now 18 years after the enactment of the Employment Insurance Act, this new law provides in a single package a comprehensive three-in-one approach to accident prevention, worker compensation and occupational rehabilitation, the premier said. In addition, new provisions establish immediate eligibility upon commencement of employment and significantly raise compensation standards. For the unfortunate victims of workplace injury and death, and their families, this recent legislation offers more rapid, substantial and encompassing care than ever before, and represents a great benefit to the nation's workforce, said Premier Su.

The administration attaches great importance to workers' rights and interests. In addition to hiking minimum wage rates five years in a row, the government has provided strong support to workers of childbearing age and raised their labor participation rate. Last December the Middle-aged and Elderly Employment Promotion Act was passed to put older workers back on the job. Taiwan's economic successes and achievement would not have been possible without the nation's workers, the premier said. The government will continue seeking more ways to provide the labor force with greater care and protection, and allow all citizens and workers to enjoy the fruits of the nation's economic growth.

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