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Premier Su travels to Hualien to visit victims of train crash


Following the deadly crash of a Taroko Express train in Hualien on Friday, Premier Su Tseng-chang headed to the Taiwan Railway disaster command center to receive the latest updates on the disaster and rescue operation. In addition to conveying the government's sincerest apologies to victims, injured passengers and all family members, he directed government agencies to assist the victims' families and asked hospitals to provide the injured with the best medical treatment.

After the government completes rescue operations for the accident, the Transportation Safety Board will conduct a swift investigation into the causes of the crash while the agencies concerned will determine issues of responsibility. Premier Su also instructed the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Taiwan Railways Administration to immediately take stock of ongoing construction projects and sites to check for similar potential dangers to public safety. All construction safety measures must be fully implemented to prevent such a tragedy from ever occurring again, he said.

After the briefing at the disaster command center, Premier Su promptly traveled to the site of the crash in Hualien and expressed encouragement and appreciation to all first responders and personnel involved in the search and rescue efforts. The premier then visited four hospitals to speak with injured passengers and their families, conveying apologies on behalf of the government. He directed all hospitals to provide the injured with the best treatment and care possible.

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