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Premier Chen receives Lithuanian parliamentary delegation


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Friday received a delegation from the Lithuania-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group. The premier said the delegation's visit immediately following Taiwan's presidential election demonstrates to the world Lithuania's staunch support for Taiwan, and inspires likeminded partners around the globe to uphold their free, democratic ways of life through concrete action.

The premier pointed out that since the establishment of the Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania, both nations have cooperated extensively to launch close exchanges across a wide range of fields including the economy, agriculture, semiconductors and laser technology. Looking forward, the premier said Taiwan will continue to deepen collaboration with Lithuania to create a more strong, sustainable and resilient partnership.

In his remarks, Matas Maldeikis, head of the Lithuania-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group, said the eyes of the whole world have been watching Taiwan's recently concluded presidential and legislative elections. It is both a big responsibility and a big privilege, and demonstrates Taiwan's importance to other democratic nations. It shows that Taiwan is not only the best at semiconductors, but is now one of the best democracies in the world.

In additional remarks, Vytautas Mitalas, deputy speaker of Lithuania's parliament, said both Lithuania and Taiwan are familiar with rapid change with regard to strengthening democracy, surviving hardships and evolving economically. Deputy Speaker Mitalas added that he sees many cooperation possibilities that could strengthen economic and cultural ties, and enhance the security of both nations.

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