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ROC beacon of democracy to Chinese world, premier declares

At the 2014 World Freedom Day Celebrations and the general conference for the World League for Freedom and Democracy (WLFD) and its Asian chapter, the Asian Pacific League for Freedom and Democracy (APLFD), Premier Jiang Yi-huah pledged that no matter what challenges may confront Taiwan ahead, the ROC will continue to firmly tread the path of democracy and freedom.

The celebrations and conference gathered people who are imbued with passion for democracy and freedom from across the earth, said Jiang, who called on all participants to proclaim to the international community that Taiwan will always shine as a beacon of democracy in the Chinese-speaking world. He also expressed hope that all the participants and dignitaries in Taipei for the conference would experience firsthand the fruits of the nation's success in promoting political democracy and help the ROC expand and foster friendlier and closer relations with their own countries.

"The Republic of China is the first democratic country in the Chinese-speaking world," Jiang said. "Its founding was itself a major political and social restructuring. In the early stages of the nation's implementation of political democracy, it was a major challenge, both domestically and externally, to establish a comprehensive democratic, legal and political system.

"After the government relocated to Taiwan, however, with the joint efforts of the government and citizens, the country's political and economic situations both began to stabilize, and the democratic foundations for the rule of law and rule by the people were laid.

"Chinese culture is among the world's four major ancient civilizations. The success of political democracy in Taiwan demonstrates that a nation with a long history can adopt a brand-new political system, and an ancient civilization can reinvent itself through democratic rule of law. This is the greatest revelation to the world of the ROC's democratic experience in Taiwan."

The premier reiterated that Taiwan has undergone two transfers of power between political parties within the last 14 years. "It can be said that in the 5,000 years of Chinese history, these were the only two peaceful and successful political transfers of power. They can serve as a major inspiration to other Chinese societies," he stated.

"The WLFD and APLFD have served as major platforms for the development of democracy and voices of freedom worldwide ever since they were established six decades ago," Jiang pointed out. "They have proactively promoted international dialogue and cooperation, and through their various chapters over the world they have goaded disputing parties to relinquish the use of force and usher in peace. They are a helping hand in the ROC's promotion of its foreign relations, as well.

"I believe that under WLFD President Yao Eng-chi's leadership, both the WLFD and APLFD will continue to promote global democracy, freedom and cooperation and shine a glorious path for people living under autocratic and despotic governments," the premier affirmed.
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