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Premier receives Central American Bank for Economic Integration head Dante Mossi


Premier Su Tseng-chang on Tuesday received a delegation led by Dante Mossi, executive president of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). The premier wholeheartedly welcomed the delegation's visit and noted that it has been a full year since CABEI established a country office in Taiwan, its first such office in Asia. With the assistance of CABEI and Executive President Mossi, Taiwan has contributed to pandemic response efforts across the Central American region, as well as to related endeavors such as investment in post-pandemic recovery and promotion of women's economic empowerment. Moving forward, Taiwan will continue its full support of regional development, further deepening its cooperative relationship with CABEI.

Taiwan cherishes its diplomatic ties with allies in Central America and is pleased to work with countries that share the same ideals and values, the premier said. CABEI serves an important role in the development of the Central American region, and Taiwan has been a member country for 30 years, becoming the bank's largest shareholder in 2019. The premier hopes that with the help of CABEI and Executive President Mossi, Taiwan can help contribute to the Central American region's development.

Executive President Mossi said in his remarks that he is visiting Taiwan firstly to thank the government for its long history of working with CABEI to provide cooperative programs and assistance to the Central American region, and secondly to better understand how to build a more effective Taiwan-CABEI partnership in the post-COVID era. Aside from intergovernmental cooperation, he hopes to see private Taiwanese companies go to Central America to conduct business, invest and sell quality Taiwan products, all of which will improve bilateral trade, economic and investment ties and deepen mutual friendships.

This trip to Taiwan can be described as a learning experience, Executive President Mossi said. He hopes to learn from the innovative, eco-friendly development experiences of Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises and apply that model to Central America, particularly in regards to the development and high uptake in Taiwan's electric vehicle industry.

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