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Vice Premier Cheng receives French National Assembly delegation


Vice Premier Cheng Wen-tsan on Wednesday received a delegation of lawmakers from the French National Assembly led by ric Bothorel, chair of the France-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group. The vice premier said the group is an important driving force in the consolidation of Taiwan-France relations, not only welcoming many Taiwanese delegations led by the Legislative Yuan President and Vice Premier in the past, but also helping to pass a resolution in the French National Assembly supporting Taiwan's meaningful participation in international organizations.

Vice Premier Cheng emphasized that safeguarding Taiwan's security is of vital benefit to the democratic nations of the world, and the government will strive to ensure that Taiwan continues to endure as a free democracy. He thanked France for its support of Taiwan and expressed hope that all corners of the world will be able to adopt universal human rights values.

In his remarks, Chairman Bothorel said he hoped this visit would send a signal that the Taiwan-France relationship is as strong as ever and highlight the necessity of maintaining resilient bilateral ties. Resilient ties are particularly vital in relation to Taiwan's security, so that the people of Taiwan can continue living in peace and freely elect their leaders.

The delegation's itinerary includes meeting with representatives from Air Liquide and a number of other French companies operating in Taiwan. Chairman Bothorel said he is delighted that French companies are investing in Taiwan and expressed hope that Taiwanese businesses will make similar investments in France.

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