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Premier receives parliamentary delegation from Czech Republic


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Monday received a delegation from the Czech Republic led by Markta Pekarov Adamov, speaker of the Czech parliament's Chamber of Deputies. The premier said that Taiwan and the Czech Republic not only enjoy frequent high-level interactions, but are increasing cooperation and have signed memorandums of understanding in a number of spheres, including economics and trade, science and technology, medicine and public health, culture and education. Furthermore, a direct flight connection between Taipei and Prague, which has been under discussion for a number of years, will commence operation in July this year and can be expected to enhance communications and interactions between peoples of the two countries in a range of areas including tourism, business and academic exchanges, the premier said.

Premier Chen noted that the Czech Senate and Chamber of Deputies last year passed resolutions in support of Taiwan's participation in international organizations including the World Health Organization, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, International Civil Aviation Organization and Interpol. In addition, at last year's World Health Assembly conference, the Czech Republic's permanent representative to the UN Office in Geneva, Vclav Blek, for the first time called for Taiwan to be granted observer status at the annual public health conference. Premier Chen expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of Taiwan's government and its people for the Czech government's unequivocal stance, friendship and support. Cooperation between our two nations is about more than just the establishment of mutually beneficial relations—our efforts in this respect can benefit the entire world, the premier said.

In her remarks, Speaker Adamov said members of the Czech delegation come from a vast array of different fields, representing industry, government, academia and research. Furthermore, this is the first visit of a Czech Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies to Taiwan, signifying an important breakthrough in Taiwan-Czech bilateral relations.

Speaker Adamov said there are two main goals behind her visit to Taiwan. The most important goal is to convey the Czech Republic's friendship and support for its democratic partner Taiwan, and the second goal is to strengthen cooperation on all fronts—and both these goals must be advanced at the same time. Taiwan and the Czech Republic are currently enjoying a huge upsurge in various collaborative projects, including student exchanges, traveling exhibitions of historical artifacts, and enhanced trade and investment programs. The delegation is more than happy to share the Czech Republic's most valued and unique trades and technologies with its like-minded democratic partner, Taiwan.

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