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Government to carry on goals of Transitional Justice Commission following May 30 dissolution


Premier Su Tseng-chang on Thursday received a Transitional Justice Commission (TJC) briefing on the commission's achievements and the transferal of its duties. The TJC has accomplished a great deal of important work over the past four years, the premier said, and has finished compiling its mission conclusion report. After the TJC is formally dissolved on Monday, its various assignments will be passed on to relevant ministries and agencies. Furthermore, the Executive Yuan is establishing a Department of Human Rights and Transitional Justice to continue the coordination and promotion of tasks and causes related to transitional justice.

Injustices were committed during Taiwan's past period of authoritarian rule, Premier Su said, and these injustices are not redressed automatically with the passage of time. For that reason, President Tsai Ing-wen declared the pursuit of transitional justice an important policy goal on taking office. The government subsequently confronted these issues and reflected upon the past with the utmost sincerity, establishing the TJC in May 2018.

The TJC has completed many important tasks since its founding, such as the restoration of historical truths by declassifying and researching political archives, and the public exoneration of nearly 6,000 wrongfully convicted individuals. The commission also proposed a law restoring rights for victims of the state's wrongful acts during the period of authoritarian rule, and an amendment to the Act on Promoting Transitional Justice, both of which were passed May 17 by the Legislature. This rounded out the national mechanism for restoring the rights of victims and their families. It was also stipulated that following the dissolution of the TJC, the Executive Yuan should set up a transitional justice board to promote related matters.

Having completed its mission conclusion report, the TJC will be dissolved on Monday in accordance with law. The premier thanked all commissioners and staff members for their hard work and contributions over the past four years, which have set a new milestone for Taiwan's transitional justice efforts.

Moving forward, the work of the TJC will be passed on to six agencies, namely the National Development Council, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and Welfare. The premier also approved the establishment of the Department of Human Rights and Transitional Justice on April 25 to carry on the coordination of issues relating to transitional justice. The premier hopes the six agencies and the department will continue to implement the work of transitional justice and strengthen Taiwan's democracy.

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