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Premier Su thanks 70th US State Secretary Pompeo for contributions to Taiwan


Premier Su Tseng-chang received 70th U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and his delegation at the Executive Yuan on Thursday. He thanked former Secretary Pompeo for advancing Taiwan-U.S. relations, providing strong support for Taiwan, and promoting a raft of Taiwan-friendly measures during his tenure at the State Department. Reiterating that Taiwan-U.S. relations are "rock solid," the premier said the two countries are important economic and trade partners, not only sharing the universal values of freedom and democracy but also respecting human rights. He expressed hope that the firm friendship between the two sides will allow Taiwan to continue contributing to the international community and deter those aggressors harboring ill intent toward Taiwan from acting rashly.

In addition to speaking out in support of Taiwan on the global stage on many occasions, Secretary Pompeo promoted many Taiwan-friendly measures, including facilitating as many as 10 sales of defensive weapons to Taiwan, eliminating restrictions on top Taiwan officials visiting the U.S., and encouraging friendly interactions between U.S. states and Taiwan. Taiwan and the United States not only enjoy a deep friendship but are major economic and trade partners, and more importantly, both sides respect human rights and share universal values of democracy and freedom, the premier said.

At this moment when Russia is forcefully invading Ukraine, the whole world under U.S. leadership has come together to condemn Russia; even long-standing neutral nations have abandoned their neutrality in favor of Ukraine. Countries the world over have expressed great admiration for Ukrainians for uniting in solidarity and defying their enemy and aggressor. This situation also serves as a valuable lesson for the entire world.

Taiwan is also similar to Ukraine, the premier said, in that they both have as neighbors a malevolent autocratic regime that eagerly seeks to restore its former glory by invading nearby countries. Taiwan finds itself on the front line of resistance against invasion by an autocracy, but we possess firm convictions and plentiful experience. The premier said he believes the mutual exchange of ideas during today's visit by Secretary Pompeo's delegation will further advance relations and cooperation between Taiwan and the United States on various fronts. Building upon this, Taiwan will continue its contributions to the world, and the Taiwan-U.S. friendship will be strengthened so that both sides can benefit from each other.

Members of the visiting delegation included Secretary Pompeo's wife Susan Pompeo, United States Naval Academy Professor and Secretary Pompeo's former principal China policy and planning adviser Miles Yu, and Championing American Values Political Action Committee Executive Director Jim Richardson.

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