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NT$9.5 billion for four-year program to promote youth employment


At the Cabinet's regular Thursday meeting, Premier Su Tseng-chang announced a four-year program that will inject nearly NT$9.5 billion (US$306.5 million) into helping young people enter the job market and build rewarding careers.

Tackling the issue from four directions—industry trends, career planning, skills development, and job-placement services—the initiative is aimed at providing customized services to young beneficiaries throughout the different stages of building careers, the premier remarked following a Ministry of Labor (MOL) briefing on the new program.

Noting the return to a stable labor market with an average unemployment rate last year of 3.71 percent, the lowest since 2008's global financial crisis, Premier Su said that while unemployment among those aged between 15 and 29 has also fallen, at 8.47 percent it is nevertheless over twice the combined rate for all ages.

The premier also directed responsible government agencies to cooperate fully to make the changes needed to properly channel and foster young people's talents to meet the demands of emerging industries such as the digital economy and smart manufacturing. Through observation of industry trends and technological developments being pioneered in such areas, the agencies in charge can keep up with the times in building suitable curricula and appropriating resources, as well as developing and promoting professional certifications.

In addition to tackling youth employment, the program is also intended to prevent unemployment, the premier said. The MOL should work with the Ministry of Education to help schools proactively survey student career choices and offer tailored counseling and job-placement services. The provision of public-sector resources will also assist young people early on with career development based on unique and individual needs.

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