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New public transportation program pushes sustainability and equity


At the Cabinet's weekly meeting Thursday, Premier Cho Jung-tai received a Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) briefing on a 2025-2028 program to promote sustainable highway public transportation and transportation equality. The premier said the recovery of domestic bus service passenger volume has been slow after the pandemic, and in order to accelerate the return to pre-pandemic levels, he asked the MOTC to continue to assist bus service operators in increasing driver manpower, expanding service capacity, and upgrading operational capabilities.

Premier Cho said the MOTC will work with county and city governments to promote low-carbon and green transportation that prioritizes people and equality of access. Measures will include making the bus fare structure and subsidy system more robust; improving the service efficiency of bus operators; encouraging the public to change their choice of transportation; promoting diversified transport services in remote areas and areas with super-aged populations; and enhancing the environment of bus shelters and other facilities.

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