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Job fair promotes people and business ties with Southeast Asia


Premier Lin Chuan attended the Overseas Community Affairs Council's (OCAC) 2017 Job Fair for Southeast Asia today, saying Taiwan deeply values people-to-people exchanges with Southeast Asia. He hopes that Southeast Asians who work or study in Taiwan can take their experiences home and expand ties with Taiwanese businesses in their home countries.

As Southeast Asian economies continue to grow, Japan, South Korea and other countries have devoted considerable efforts to promoting economic and personnel exchanges with them, the premier said. Taiwan, for its part, is seeking to build positive interactions through the New Southbound Policy. Since Taiwan lacks diplomatic relations with many countries in Southeast Asia, however, the New Southbound Policy emphasizes "people-based" exchanges designed to build trust, positive relations, good will and mutual understanding while maintaining long-term bilateral ties.

Taiwanese businesses play an important role in this effort, the premier pointed out. During the course of Taiwan's economic development, many domestic businesses invested overseas and developed personal contacts in countries around the globe. The government therefore hopes that the OCAC will act as a bridge to connect Taiwanese businesses and facilitate interaction, exchanges and communication.

Personnel exchanges include enticing people from all the countries of Southeast Asia, especially those with family or cultural ties to Taiwan, to send their children here for education and work opportunities. The government hopes that these people will interact and build relationships with local talent who, in turn, will forge closer economic links with those countries. There are also many Southeast Asian spouses and immigrant children in Taiwan who may return and explore business new opportunities in their home countries, which is certainly advantageous for Taiwan. The New Southbound Policy has many goals, one of which is to develop human resources, the premier added.

The OCAC said this is the first year that industry, government and academia have joined forces for this job fair, which matches overseas students in Taiwan with Taiwan enterprises in Southeast Asia, enhances connections and cooperative exchanges between Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and helps overseas Taiwanese businesses find appropriate personnel. By using personal and cultural connections to facilitate the New Southbound Policy, the new administration is turning overseas graduates, whether they choose to remain in Taiwan or not, into business pioneers into Southeast Asian markets.

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