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Premier: Comprehensive, convenient coronavirus relief must be delivered swiftly, thoughtfully and with care


Premier Su Tseng-chang received a Ministry of Health and Welfare briefing Thursday on the latest developments in Taiwan's coronavirus response efforts. The premier referenced a meeting on economic relief and stimulus convened personally by him Wednesday to instruct officials specifically on the need to act broadly and forcefully in implementing relief measures that demonstrate the government's thoughtfulness and care for the public. In these extraordinary times and amid myriad challenges, relief and stimulus must flow generously, quickly and conveniently to the people, he said.

To provide comprehensive relief, the government must offer assistance to every person, business and industry affected by the outbreak. Second, results must be quickly and visibly achieved, Premier Su said. Third, policies must be designed from the viewpoint of the people to ensure convenience and ease of access.

Having held the line against the first influx of coronavirus cases, Taiwan has now moved into the containment and mitigation phase. The focus of this second wave has shifted to inbound travelers from Europe and the U.S., making the next two weeks a very critical time. With special exceptions, all foreign nationals have been banned from entering Taiwan, while Taiwanese are prohibited from organizing international tour groups. Regardless of nationality, all travelers admitted to Taiwan will be subject to 14 days of mandatory home quarantine. The premier urged strict compliance with these measures, and ordered relevant central and local authorities to take the lead in quickly building the defensive and containment capabilities needed.

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