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Premier thanks postal workers for nationwide delivery of face masks


Premier Su Tseng-chang visited Chunghwa Post Co.'s mail processing center in Taipei on Tuesday to cheer logistics and postal workers as they deliver supplies of face masks to designated pharmacies around Taiwan. He also acknowledged the nation's mask production workers, pharmacists and assistant pharmacists, thanking all personnel involved in the battle against the Wuhan coronavirus for uniting forces to defend the front lines, and for showing the world the strength of character and the solidarity of the people of Taiwan.

As part of efforts to combat the spread of the virus, Taiwan implemented a rationing program in conjunction with the National Health Insurance system to allow members of the public to purchase masks. The only one of its kind in the world, this program has been possible thanks to Taiwan's excellent health care system, widely recognized as among the best globally. Nevertheless, implementation of the rationing program has been far from simple, and requires the delivery of masks to more than 6,000 pharmacies nationwide. The premier offered his thanks to the men and women of Chunghwa Post for taking on this monumental task.

As the rationing scheme enters the second phase, production capacity will also be increased and mask distributions to hospitals doubled. Priority will be given to front-line health workers, and those with special medical conditions or who otherwise have diagnosed illnesses requiring frequent visits to medical facilities. The government's chief concern centers on public health, and it will endeavor to put resources to the most effective use, Premier Su said.

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