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Premier: Continue strengthening five key areas to boost industrial resilience and adaptability


At Thursday's weekly Cabinet meeting, Premier Chen Chien-jen received a briefing from the National Development Council on the results of a policy designed to optimize five major factors relating to industrial investment. The premier said that since the policy's introduction, significant progress has been made toward addressing issues regarding manpower, professional talent, water, electricity and land.

To respond to rapid changes in the domestic and global economies and to address the development needs of newly emerging strategic industries, on December 7, 2021 the Executive Yuan approved the policy for the period 2021-2024, with the goal of creating a favorable business environment and laying solid foundations for the nation's future industrial development, the premier said.

Regarding talent and manpower, the government has successfully attracted many foreign professionals and comprehensively promoted the employment of young people, women, older workers and the elderly, the premier said. In addition, the government has supplemented the local workforce with migrant workers to meet urgent manpower needs in the private sector and enhanced the cultivation of domestic skilled and professional workers in accordance with industry requirements. Addressing water supply issues, he also stated that by showing flexibility in using water resources, we successfully navigated Taiwan's most severe drought in a long time, and were able to fully meet the water requirements of both the public and industry.

In the power supply area, the premier stated that we have substantially increased our operating reserve by developing renewable energy, promoting energy-saving measures, and constructing new gas-fired generating units, while also decreasing air pollution. To address land issues, we are taking measures to increase the supply of land for industrial use by promoting the vertical expansion of industrial parks, strengthening land-matching services and developing new industrial zones in cooperation with Taiwan Sugar Corporation, to fully meet the land-use requirements of overseas enterprises returning to Taiwan.

Premier Chen concluded his remarks by directing the responsible ministries and agencies to be proactive in researching and proposing progressive initiatives to boost industrial resilience and adaptability, and assist and guide industry to transition to "green" practices to drive a new wave of economic growth.

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