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Taiwan's space program flying high

Taiwan's FORMOSAT-5 program is expected to take the nation's space technology to the next level, Premier Mao Chi-kuo said today after being briefed by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on the satellite's launch, which is scheduled to take place February 2016.

According to the MOST, the FORMOSAT-5 system—a domestically developed satellite designed and manufactured by the National Space Organization (NSPO) in conjunction with Taiwan's industrial, academic and research sectors—has passed space environment and system functions tests. All system-wide integration, equipment delivery and preparation work will be completed by the end of 2015. Mao gave a thumbs-up to the National Applied Research Laboratories and the NSPO for their efforts and contributions.

"The level of space technology has often been used as an indicator for measuring a nation's overall strength," noted Premier Mao. The MOST has integrated space technology R&D and Taiwan's satellite component manufacturing capabilities into the nation's space technology development action plan. This model is worth commending and should serve as an example for other agencies to follow.

Space technology can also be applied to everday life, benefiting industries as well as the public, continued the premier. He requested the MOST to join forces with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and other agencies to promote industry-academia cooperation on innovative technologies for the future.
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