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Premier receives German delegation led by Bundestag MP Thomas Heilmann


Premier Chen Chien-jen on Tuesday received a German delegation led by Bundestag Member of Parliament Thomas Heilmann. The premier expressed thanks for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union (CSU) political parties' support of Bundestag resolutions endorsing Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization, as well as for the generous and friendly support shown across German political lines for Taiwan's participation in international organizations and activities more broadly. Such support for Taiwan has become a widely held position in the German parliament, the premier said, and the Taiwanese people sincerely appreciate and are grateful for this goodwill and fellowship.

The premier pointed out that the CDU and CSU have asserted it is in Germany's strategic interest to maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait. A recent CDU-CSU position paper advocates using international law to bolster Germany's support for the status quo in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, and calls on the European Union to develop a contingency plan for strong economic sanctions to create an effective deterrent. The paper said that in the event of a Chinese military attack on Taiwan, such economic sanctions could be carried out as an immediate response.

The premier emphasized that Taiwan is on the frontline of opposing authoritarian expansionism and shares with Germany the universal values of freedom, democracy and human rights. Taiwan possesses rich experience and resources that can assist Germany in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the threat posed by China. The premier sincerely hopes that Taiwan and Germany will continue to work together, building upon existing foundations to further expand and strengthen their mutually beneficial, sustainable and friendly bilateral partnership.

In his remarks, MP Heilmann said the delegation had many truly fruitful discussions during a visit to Academia Sinica and were left highly impressed by the organization. Academia Sinica is an institution with a long tradition that shares historical parallels with scientific organizations which relocated from East Germany to West Germany in the past, the MP said. There is much that Germany can learn from Taiwan in respect of digitalization and MP Heilmann said the delegation looked forward to further discussions with the premier and his ministerial team.

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